Magic Bacalar

Magic Bacalar is a stunning area with the magical charm of a lagoon, the beautiful blue cenote and fascinating Mayan history wrapped around it. The entire area invites you to enjoy a beauty and peace that only nature can offer. if you're looking for tranquility, a place to relax, be yourself, boat, kayak, tour routes from pirates, bike, hike, etc, Magic Bacalar provides you all that and a lot more. Living close to nature at the shore of the lagoon is like living in a dream. This magical place is ideal for campers, students, researchers, backpackers, groups of friends and couples. The beauty of Lake Bacalar and Fort San Felipe are the main attractions of this magical town, declared in February 2007.

MAGIC BACALAR is a wide open area of 2000 square meters located at the edge of the stunning Lagoon of Seven Colors. Bacalar is northwest of Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo, and 335 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. It is close to the most important archaeological sites in southern Quintana Roo (Chacchoben, Kohunlich, Chakanbak√°n, Oxtankan, Dzibanche-Kinichn√°,) and near the Museum of Mayan Culture, which houses artifacts related to the paintings, markets, food, clothing, beliefs and faith of the Mayan people. This area, full of ancient history, keeps alive the original tradition of the Mayans and will tug at your desire to dive into their world. Bacalar has become one of Mexico's must-see tourist destinations, combining the beauty of the lagoon with the history of Mayan life and pirates. It is ideal for those who seek freedom from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

In Camping Magic Bacalar, we have preserved the natural environment of local fruit trees, plants of the region and a tropical garden, where you will be in perfect balance with nature. We have plenty of room to accommodate a group of friends, backpackers, a couple or a family. Our accommodations were designed to meet all of the needs of our guests. We have cozy hammocks swaying under palm trees, private cabanas, cabanias of hostel style where we can accommodate a group of up to 8 people, tents and the main lodge by the dock.

Camping Magic Bacalar is one of those rare places where you can find the peace you are looking for, relieve your stress and completely relax.

The lagoon in Bacalar, also known as The Seven Colors Lagoon, was named for it's stunning shades of green and blue, it's amazingly clear water and the way the sun reflects off of it in a shimmer of color and light. The different depth levels of the lagoon never exceed 6 meters. It is situated just twenty minutes from Chetumal, the capital city of the state. The lagoon is one of the main attractions of Bacalar. In this beautiful place you can swim, take a boat ride, sail, kayak, or just spend a quiet day admiring the lovely plants, fruit trees and nature.

The fort of San Felipe Bacalar is another major attraction in this area, because in its walls, pillars and ramparts there are still traces of past battles. This historic fort was built in 1725 with the dual purpose of preventing the ravages suffered by the population from the pirates, as well as monitoring and repelling traffickers of dyewood (a highly valued precious wood back then). The fort became even more important between 1763 and 1790 due to military and diplomatic hostilities between New Spain and England, as the latter had military bases in Belize, which was British colony at that time.

The Caste War (1847-1901) was an armed conflict which pitted the indigenous people of Mayan descent against invading Caucasians by the precarious conditions in which they were. During this war, the rebels took the square and the fort on several occasions without ever achieving a real victory.

Today, the Fort of San Felipe Bacalar has become a complete local history museum. The collection of the museum includes pieces of pre-Hispanic history, Colonial history, drawings, historic plans, beautiful murals, multimedia devices and even the skeleton of a real pirate of the Caribbean.

If you have the fortunate chance to visit this beautiful place during the first two weeks of August, you will be able to witness the traditional Fair of San Joaquin of Bacalar. This is an annual event eagerly awaited by the people. It is just one of many popular and intriguing events including outdoor concerts, presentations of folkloric ballet and contemporary dance, horse races, cock fights, sports and diverse cultural exchanges with Belize.

During these festivals, Nautical Marathon Rio Hondo-Bacalar is also very popular. This is an event that consists of a series of competitions between small boats that achieve impressive speeds of up to 200 miles per hour! The racing boats create an amazing scene that highlights the beautiful Lagoon of Bacalar and Rio Hondo, which is also the natural border between Belize and Mexico. Durung the race competitors have to pass through the Rio Hondo, where with people of the Mayan Indian villages participate by encouraging the boaters to stay in the race. You can also visit these villages when visiting Bacalar outside the racing season and can follow the same route in a motor boat, row boat or kayak.

Finally, at the entrance of the town of Bacalar and on the side of the lake there is the beautiful Cenote Azul. Cenote Azul is 90 meters deep and 200 meters wide. This place looks like a small lake surrounded by greenery and is a favorite spot for divers. It offers a number of capricious passages, rock formations and caves to explore.

Come and discover the multicolor paradise of Magic Bacalar! It does not matter what time of year you visit this place, its landscapes are always interesting and the hospitality and simplicity of its people will captivate you. Many of its residents are artists who have taken refuge here after fleeing the hustle of big cities. History comes alive in this beautiful "Pueblo Magico" full of joy and excitement.

In the center of Bacalar you can enjoy a pleasant walk around the square and see the main tourist attractions such as the Parish Church of San Joaquin (a small parish church from the eighteenth century), the House of Culture, the House of the International Writer (a space for writers who seek inspiration in the beauty of Bacalar ) and the Main Plaza.