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WELCOME TO MAGIC BACALAR! $0 $0 Bacalar Lagoon - Lagoon of seven colors$0 Bacalar lagoon is a magical place full of heavenly peace, joy and culture. This lagoon is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexican Caribbean and is is popularly known as the "lagoon of seven colors" or "blue lagoon" because we can distinguish seven different shades of blue from the water. The shape of the lagoon is narrow and long. It is 55 km long and only 2 km wide, at its widest point. The lake gets its name from being situated on the banks the town of Bacalar. This town accommodates the community of nature lovers, adventure, history and backpackers. Cultural events also take place occasionally. $0 $0 Bacalar caracteristics$0 It is noteworthy that Bacalar was declared as "Magic Town" nationally with its white and very soft sand. It has a slight wave of barely perceptible shades of blue where the composition of the crystals, creates a simply fascinating spectacle. The original name of Bacalar came from pre-Hispanic times with the name: Ka `an Bakjalal Siyan. Siyan Ka' translates as the birth of the sky, Bakjalal by jalal bak meaning enclosed or surrounded by reeds. There are 8 different cenotes in the heart of the town of Bacalar at the edge of this vast expanse of shallow water. Within the area of 2400 m2 you can find the MAGIC BACALAR. $0 $0 Eco Natural Environment $0 We have preserved the eco natural environment surrounded by fruit trees, and the region forming a tropical garden in perfect harmony with nature and the name is inspired by exactly those feelings: it is simply MAGIC!! $0 $0 $0 Classification - Accommodation Style$0 Magic Bacalar is not classified as any of other Bacalar hotels. Our accommodation style is for group of people who are looking for place to stay in hostel style accommodation or even camping. We provide accommodation for group of people. Magic Bacalar welcome students, campers, travellers, explorers to Bacalar to stay in the accommodation you are looking for which includes hostel services as well as other activities. Come and discover the magic multicolor Bacalar! No matter what time of year to visit this place, its landscapes are always interesting and the hospitality and simplicity of the people will captivate you. Many of its inhabitants are artists who have taken refuge here after fleeing the bustle of big cities. History comes alive in this beautiful "Pueblo Magico" with full of joy and excitement!

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