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About Bacalar

Shrouded in the magic charm of the lagoon, the beautiful blue cenote and its history, invites you to enjoy the beauty that only nature can provide.

if you're looking for that peace, tranquility, relaxation, being with yourself in this beautiful place swim, take a boat ride, sail or kayak, or just spend a quiet day admiring the beautiful flora and fauna, living greenery at the foot of the lake, ideal for campers, students, researchers, backpackers, group of friends, family group, couples. The lagoon is one of the main attractions of Bacalar.

El Fuerte de San Felipe Bacalar is another of the big attractions of the place, because in its walls, columns and bastions are still traces of past battles. Built in 1725 with the dual purpose of preventing the ravages suffered by the population at the hands of pirates. Today is a complete local history museum, whose collection includes pieces of pre-Hispanic, colonial, drawings, plans, historic, beautiful mural, multimedia devices. Finally, at the entrance of the town of Bacalar and the side of the lake is the beautiful Blue cenote, 90 meters deep and 200 wide.

This place looks like a small lake surrounded by greenery, is a favorite of divers, it offers a number of whimsical passages, rock formations and caves to explore. Come and discover the magic multicolor Bacalar! Magical town....

Bacalar Lagoon

Also known as the 'lagoon of seven colors' for its multiple shades of blue. Bacalar Lagoon is 38 km northeast of Chetumal via the Chetumal-Cancun highway (Carratera 307). It is 50 km long and an average of 2 km wide, It runs into the Hondo River from a stream called the Chac, and into Chetumal Bay via a network of shallow channels.

Bacalar is filled with great little places to spend an afternoon or even a few days. Restaurants are plentiful and watersports, particularly waterskiing are easily arranged. The town of Bacalar hosts an annual fishing tournament in August.


Is a complex of 2000 m2. It is located at the edge of the paradise lagoon of seven colors water, 38 km. northwest of Chetumal, capital of Quintana Roo, and 335 km from Playa del Carmen on the Cancun-Chetumal highway, gateway to the most important archaeological sites in southern Quintana Roo (Chacchoben, Kohunlich Chakanbakan , oxtankan, Dzibanche-Kinichná,) and the Museum of Mayan culture, representative of paintings, marketing, food, clothing, beliefs,and areas of more boom with original sounds that make you dive into the world Maya, located in the state capital. A tourist destination that combines the beauty of the lagoon with its history of the Mayan world and the Pirates, ideal for those who seek freedom from the bustle of big cities.

Camping Magic Bacalar, we retained their natural environment surrounded by fruit trees and plants of the region it is a tropical garden, where you will be in perfect balance with nature, we have the room for the group of friends, the backpacker, family, the researcher, as each is made for every need of our guests, we have from a hammock under the palm trees, private hut, type hostel hut can accommodate up to 8 people.

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