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In the southern Mexican Caribbean, Mayan culture left evidence of a majestic past. Archaeological sites surrounded by forest lead us on a journey through history that will live in the endless adventure! It gives a quick overview of several Mayan sites and could easily be visited from the Magic Bacalar. And if you are passionate about pre-Hispanic Mayan culture and their cities, visit our blog and visit Magic Bacalar, where we spend hours talking about the fascinating world of Maya!

Oxtankah Oxtankah is a wonderful place where history and legend mingle. Presumably that was the scene of the first mixing of Mexico, whose players were Spanish Gonzalo Guerrero and a Maya noblewoman. The site highlights the Main Temple, and the remains of a sixteenth-century religious shrine. Here the atmosphere is special. Perhaps, because I still love the fleet which allowed the fusion of two cultures? If you are looking for a splendid time, visit Kohunlich, where he worshiped the sun. This is one of the most beautiful and best-planned sites of the Maya area. Walk the ball game court, so far only found on an east-west, crosses the Stela Plaza and admire the Temple of the Masks, which houses seven huge stucco masks representing Kinich Ahau, the god of sun, emerging from the jaws of the monster of the earth. Here, on 12 April at the solstice and equinox in the sun gives us quite a show. But if you want to be closer to heaven, Dzibanché is for you. Kohunlich 7 km, is one of the few places in the Maya area where there are wooden lintels engraved with hieroglyphic texts. The beauty and grandeur of its buildings will make you surrender to the spell of this culture. Be prepared to climb the steps of the Temple of the Owl, the tallest pyramid, from whose top you can talk to the sky. If you prefer the serenity, then go to Kinichná. It is ocated only 2 km from Dzibanché, which is part of the site, whose name means House of the Sun. The area is made up of small buildings situated around a stunning Acropolis with perfect symmetry. The offerings and burials found are the symbols of ritual importance of this area. But if you like magical places, visit Chacchoben. The Mayan ruins in this outstanding feature are the presence of monolithic circular altars. Pay attention to the Temple Town was most likely because the threshold by which the initiated could establish contact between the sacred and the ground. And watch the play of light and shadow played by the sun and tree tops. Without any doubt that this site is mystical!

In the territorial limits of Quintana Roo you can also visit two other Mayan ruins: Chakanbakán (surrounded by savanna) which was built between 300 and 50 BC and had one of the largest jaguar masks buildings in the Maya world and Xpuhil (the place of the cattails) that was flourished between 400 BC and 1100 AD. The latter is famous for building three towers of Rio Bec style, built in the late classical period.

Our tours to discover all this great pre-Hispanic will be conducted by professional guides to help you understand a little bit of what we know now of the majestic Mayan culture!

Come to MAGIC BACALAR! You will find not only a beautiful and comfortable place to stay. We will be honored to serve people so they can return home safe after meeting and touching a hidden culture with their own hands. Mayan Caribbean culture will leave you with unforgettable memories

Tours: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

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